Out of sight out of mind


︎︎︎ 2020—2021
︎︎︎ 126×180mm Digital Print book
︎︎︎ A3 Risograph poster
︎︎︎ Printed and sewn by hand

︎ Bergen Art Book Fair

What will be revealed when we humans observe the natural world around us, and the landscape that we are shaping? These photographs are a fragment of my MA project Dear human. These meetingpoints between humans and the natural world, and revealing the invisible as visible is the focus in this publication. By trying to understand and put attention to the landscape we are forming. In relation to time, and to fragility how can we live on a damaged planet?

The book and poster is presented at Bergen Art Book Fair 2020—2021 as a duo with Juan Qin at Smørgåsbordet / The Book Buffet!  

     ARCHIVE      ︎    PHOTOGRAPHY     ︎     INFO     ︎     VSCO      ︎    BEHANCE    ︎      © COPYRIGHT IRENE ALTERSKJÆR 2021          ︎