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This project stems from our own passion and appreciation of the natural world. We call ourselves “The Indicators.” It is a name inspired by the ecological term of ‘indicator species,’ but it also alludes to our own motivation to indicate, or point out, issues that we believe are gravely affecting our planet.

We are doing this because we realize our planet’s survival depends on individuals taking action and rising against the status quo of our current society. Our purpose is to create an alternate reality where we do not exploit our planet and where we respect the rights of non-human living beings. We want to spark a change, starting in our local community of Bergen, and out into the world.

Apart from our manifesto, which expresses our beliefs and core values, we have created a concept project called “Everything is Alive.” This project is a multisensory experience which incorporates a website, various narrative sound walks around the city, digital filters and physical interventions in our urban environments under a distinct visual identity. Our main focus are the narrative soundwalks. In these audio tours we give voices to living beings that cannot communicate with us, such as plants and animals. Being able to listen to stories from plants, animals and other living beings will give the listeners a heightened and hyperreal experience of the environment, allowing them to explore the familiar world in new ways. We are elevating the phrase “everything is alive” to a new level.

The indicators:
Marte Andersen
Anna Braun
Eirin Koehler Breivik
Janine El Khawand

Monica Morales
Irene Alterskjær
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