Behold Bergen

︎︎︎ December 2020

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This project was a continuation of Anti's Art Director Sollin Sæle campaign @beholdoslo. Behold Oslo went viral, and continuated by popping up in several cities in Norway, @beholdbergen as one of them.

The idea started with the intention of keeping local shops alive during the pandemic, encouraging people to buy local products with a campaign.

The signs were ment to put focus on the fact that these small shops, could dissapear and be replaced by bigger companies. In addition to put focus on the importance for these small buisnesses for the city.

By continuing the campaign in Bergen City we hoped to create awareness on the urgency of keeping the small shops in Bergen which creates the uniqueness of the city.

Project in Bergen team:
Sollin Sæle
Elke Vindenes
Thanee Rene Meija Andino
Irene Alterskjær

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